Amazing Video Shows 'Textbook' Crash Landing As A Brisbane Light Aircraft Loses Power

Josh Matica, left, with instructor Doug Field.

ABC News has published an amazing video of what happened when a light aircraft lost power over Queensland with a 22-year-old flight instructor and his 18-year-old student on board.

Josh Matica was at the controls on his first training flight when the Jabiru J-170 light plane lost power. The J-170 is a kit plane that seats two.

Instructor Doug Field took over when the engine started to fail.

Matica and Field look for an emergency landing spot.

“We’re at 1,100 feet, we’ve got about a bit under two minutes before we’re going to hit the ground at this point in time,” he told ABC News.

The duo calmly looked for a safe place to land. They were flying near Victoria Point, south-east of Brisbane, at the time.

Field told ABC News that “there weren’t too many good options there”.

Matica prepares for an emergency landing.

As Field guided the plane’s downward glide, he instructed Matica to retrieve two cushions from the back of the plane and and brace himself against them.

The plane made a bumpy landing and ended up in a barb wire fence.

The duo were praised by flight school Pathfinder Aviation, which owned the aircraft, for a “textbook execution of the forced landing procedure”.

The video is below, and there’s more on ABC News.

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