People are already doing amazing things in the new 'Star Wars' game

The “Star Wars Battlefront” beta is open to everyone, for free, on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

You don’t need a special download code, you just need the ambition to go to the digital storefront on your favourite gaming platform and download the beta.

It’s a quick download, and you’ll be glad you did. 

Why’s that? Because it’s incredible

As we wrote yesterday, if you like Star Wars even remotely, you should be playing “Star Wars Battlefront.” It’s a Star Wars fan’s dream. You want to pilot a TIE fighter or a massive AT-AT? You can totally do both of those things! You want to experience a crazy light saber battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in the middle of a 40-person battle on the snow planet Hoth? Here you go:

And that’s far from all, of course. Reddit’s gaming community is a testament to just how much cool stuff is happening in the new “Battlefront” beta pretty much constantly: from /r/Gaming to /r/StarWarsBattlefront, the forums are ablaze with examples of amazing stuff from the “Battlefront” beta.

In one game mode, the Rebels (Luke Skywalker and co.) take on the Imperials (Darth Vader and co.) on the aforementioned snow planet, Hoth. The Imperials have huge, hulking gun robots called AT-ATs that must be destroyed for the Rebels to win (conversely, destroying the Rebel base with said AT-ATs is the win condition for the Imperials). 

The AT-ATs can be destroyed in a few ways, though! You could, for instance, clear the way for an aircraft bombing run, which weakens the AT-ATs and makes them vulnerable to ground attacks. But who has the time for all that? 

Another option is simply hopping in a Snowspeeder (small aircraft) and wrapping a tow-line around the legs of an AT-AT. The results are sublime:

In another incredible example, one TIE fighter pilot decides he’s had enough of flying. The only issue is that the pilot is 10,000 feet above the planet and it’s a long way down:

And that’s not all for aerial madness.

Given the massive aircraft battle taking place above Hoth, there’s always a chance that a downed fighter jet might, say, crash into you directly. In one such example, the player amazingly survives a head-on collision with a crashing TIE fighter:

But let’s be honest — you just wanna see Darth Vader wreck shop, right? That’s kind of his modus operandi. The good news is that you can totally play as Darth Vader, and when you’re doing that, you can totally wreck shop. Here’s just one amazing example we found this morning, a single day after the beta went public:

A huge thanks to the amazing folks on Reddit, at both /r/Gaming and /r/StarWarsBattlefront, for their tireless efforts in finding this incredible stuff.

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