We Can't Get Enough Of These Beautiful Pictures From North Korea

north korea badmitton

Photo: AP/David Guttenfelder

Associated Press photographer David Guttenfelder was invited to Pyongyang in April to photograph celebrations taking place on the birthday of the late President of North Korea, Kim Il Sung.He also got to take some incredible photos of Pyongyang and its outskirts, and was even invited to a press conference — a veritable miracle for a Western journalist.

While he did tour the country with a chaperon, his images nonetheless paint an intriguing picture of what life in North Korea must be like.

Central Pyongyang at dusk.

A traffic police officer, alone on the road.

A street in Pyongyang.

A girls' choir performs in Pyongyang.

Men walking in Pyongyang.

A Pyongyang subway car.

A monument to the late President Kim Il Sung on his birthday.

Women dance with badminton rackets at a celebration the same day.

A newspaper is on public display at a subway station.

An artist's rendering of a construction project stands in front of the work in progress.

Commuters at a subway station in the capitol.

A pool at Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang.

People cross a riverbed on a railroad bridge north of Pyongyang.

Life in the countryside off of a highway south of Pyongyang.

Men ride bicycles after a hard day's work.

Central Pyongyang at dusk.

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