Zaha Hadid's Futuristic Superyacht Design Is Strange And Stunning [PHOTOS]

British architect Zaha Hadid has
designed a family of five “superyachts” for German shipbuilders Blohm+Voss.

Her 420-foot concept design will be a model for five Unique Circle yachts, which, at 295 feet, retain the same eye-popping design at a slightly smaller scale.

Hadid’s prototype is a sinewy creation, with a white exoskeleton that connects the different levels of the yacht in web-like diagonals.

Zaha Hadid Architects provided us with some jaw-dropping renderings of the prototype and the massive yachts inspired by it.

The main cabin features sleek white lounging areas in a wide open space.

The exclusive owner's cabin offers a more secluded space.

The 420-foot concept design features a sinewy look that connects the yacht's different levels.

The superyacht gives off an ethereal glow at night.

As seen from above, the yacht looks like a mass of white webs.

This is what the JAZZ yacht, left, looks like next to its 420-foot inspiration.

Here's the JAZZ as seen from the sky.

The back of the 295-foot yacht features the webby look of Hadid's original concept design.

There's even a private pool at the back.

The JAZZ yacht has a solid bow that becomes more open towards the back.

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