Amazing photos of the plane that Harrison Ford crash-landed on a golf course

Actor Harrison Ford crash-landed a small plane on a golf course in LA Thursday night — and ended up at the hospital with only minor injuries.

Flying a World World II-era plane, Ford was cruising around 3,000 feet when his engine lost power, the Associated Press reports. The 72-year-old actor then successfully landed on the the fairway of Penmar golf course. Doctors serendipitously playing a round tended to his injuries initially.

Needless to say, the Ford’s reputation as a badass precedes him off-screen. The photos of the mangled plane prove as much.

Ford does have some experience landing faulty planes though. He crash-landed two planes within one year in 1999-2000. And in 2001, he rescued a boy 13-year-old boy scout lost in Yellowstone National Park with his helicopter.

And lest forget his roles as Han Solo, successfully piloting the Millennium Falcon, and Indiana Jones, flying himself and the terrified Willie Scott to safety in the Himalayas.

The AP put it perfectly: “When a man battles Darth Vader, Nazis and other evil-doers for work, what does he do for fun? Harrison Ford finds his answer in a pilot’s licence and the freedom to take to the skies.”

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