Amazing New Video Shows Giant Oarfish Swimming With Tourists And Looking A Little Lost

Picture: YouTube/Shedd Aquarium

Oarfish are the new giant squid.

Now that colossal cephalopods seem to be turning up everywhere, the focus on rare fish has turned to these amazing creatures:

An 18-foot-long oarfish was found off Catalina Island in 2013.

This 18-foot monster washed up on Catalina Bay off the coast of California last year, just a couple of months after scientists released a video of the first time an oarfish had ever been seen swimming on film.

Then, a week after the 18-footer appeared, another 14-foot specimen was found on a beach near Oceanside, California.

Scientists later determined that both fish were healthy when they died and could only surmise they had been lured into shallow waters by unusual currents.

Now this amazing video has surfaced of a huge oarfish swimming around tourists a recent Shedd Adventures trip to the Baja peninsula in northwestern Mexico:

One report claims there was another oarfish in the same area.

The fish in the video looks a little disoriented, leading one onlooker to ask: “Are they trying to permanently beach themselves?”

While exciting, the fact that there’s now been five oarfish sightings in one year, when previously they had barely been sighted at all, is probably more cause for concern than amazement.

H/T to io9

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