Amazing Images Of One Hyde Park Apartments, The Most Expensive Flats in the World

One Hyde Park

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It would be a rare someone who has not yet heard of One Hyde Park. But giving you the benefit of doubt, it is the world’s most expensive apartment block.It’s also the same place where it was reported that Kylie Minogue purchased an apartment for $25 million (which was later denied by the pop princess).

It’s extremely exclusive–not surprising, given the privacy and security concerns of clients who can afford such a residence. A view of the insides was strictly for those who could afford it. Sure, we always knew the details, but it’s a different thing entirely to get to see it with our own eyes.

Thanks to our fantastic editors who managed to dig these images up courtesy of photographer Peter Corcoran, we now have some fantastic images to share with you. It’s also worth reading what the photographer felt when he was invited inside. A few snippets:


“We were the first team allowed in to photograph it after completion (and not many more were getting in after us). Due to the high profile of the residents and potential purchasers, privacy and security were of the utmost importance so we only had one day to do interiors.”


“The building features £50 worth of sparking concrete and limestone aggregate imported from Brazil, China, Turkey, Italy and Egypt. Each piece of concrete supplied was personally inspected by the Laing O’ Rourke team, the architects and the developers. Even the slightest flaws were rejected.”


“Polished Breccia Paradiso marble floors occupy the spaces where silk carpet doesn’t (yes were were given our own slippers to walk around apartments in. Not the over-shoes, slippers.)”


“The spec is a gadget freak’s dream – eye scanning entry, bullet proof glass, wooden baths, marble surfaces, a private cinema (not a media room, a cinema), a pro standard virtual golf driving range, squash court, spa, 21 metre pool, eel-skin wall coverings, room service and concierge.”


Unfortunately, Peter was not allowed to share all the images that he took. However, we are thrilled with the glimpses that he did manage to give us.

Photos by Peter Corcoran.

This post originally appeared at The Rich Times.