T-Mobile, Still Without The iPhone, Tries To Win Customers Offering Free Smartphones

TMobile MyTouch Commercial

Photo: T-Mobile’s YouTube Channel

For T-Mobile customers with Verizon iPhone envy this week, check out this Valentine’s Day deal from T-Mobile:The carrier is offering free smartphones, including those that run on the carrier’s 4G network, this weekend for anyone who signs a two-year service contract.

Current T-Mobile customers can also take advantage of the offer if they are eligible for an upgrade and renew for another two years.

The offer is good for two days only — February 11th and 12th — so don’t miss it.

Some of the best phones included in the promotion to look at are the myTouch 4G, myTouch 3G, HTC HD7, T-Mobile G2, and the Samsung Vibrant.

All are excellent Android devices and worth checking out if you’re ready for a new phone. And since most normally sell for $100 with contacts, it’s an amazing deal.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Google’s Nexus S is part of this offer since it’s only available at Best Buy.

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