Amazing Commercial Real Estate Devastation In Florida

Got a minute? Feast your eyes on this amazing tour of commercial real estate devastation a reader sent to Bob Norman at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times.

It really looks like a freakin’ ghost town.¬† We can’t fathom what is going to fill all these empty buildings. Here’s how his reader described the collection:

I took a drive this evening from 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm and shot over 200 pictures of Florida real estate in crisis. What is really amazing if you notice the time and date on each picture . I was able to shoot a picture about every 45 seconds while all alone driving in traffic including stopping for traffic lights and gas and parking in a safe place each time for each shot . Everywhere you turn something is for lease or rent. … I pretty much only shot the right side of the street because I did not want to do any u turns. Some pics I shot across the street. This does not even include office buildings.

… This is Fort Lauderdale Florida. The Gold Coast, The Venice of America the Yachting capital of the world folks.The pictures start at the Fort lauderdale beach on Sunrise Blvd. and go west to federal Highway (rte 1) north to Pompano Beach about 8 miles and finish in a random warehouse district off the main road¬†. After that it got dark and I had to stop.

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