Amateur Drone Operators Are Causing A Bit Of Havoc In Australia

Picture: Getty Images

The increased popularity of drones has got Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority warning people not to ignore the rules of flying the unmanned planes.

Before Christmas a man who crashed his drone during a police operation in Victoria was fined $850 by CASA. A police officer was almost hit by the drone.

A CASA spokesperson said the number of drone incidents are increasing and while he wouldn’t suggest they’re of epidemic proportions he did say it was understandable given there are more of the devices in the skies.

“The problems are with the domestic users not the commercial operators,” he said.

“The problem is people don’t understand the rules or they’re choosing to ignore them.”

Australia’s drone rules include staying more than 30m away from people or property, flying only in the day and below 400 feet, as well as kept more than 5km from airports.

“While people do not need a licence or approval to fly a drone for fun they must follow the rules,” CASA said.

“If you breach the drone rules you will be fined.”

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