Amanda Bynes' Lawyer Speaks For First Time, Says She's 'Fine' — Here's Today's Buzz

  • Amanda Bynes’ lawyer Richard Hutton (guess she really has representation), tells ET that recent reports on his client are “exaggerated,” and that Bynes is in fact “fine.” Hutton, who has talked to Bynes recently, says their conversations are “normal” and that there is “no physical evidence” backing up Amanda’s headline-making arrest Thursday. Bynes, meanwhile, simply tweeted Wednesday night: “I’m Not Crazy.”
  • Netflix is now open to doing another season of “Arrested Development.” Despite previously calling the show a “fantastic one-off,” CEO Reed Hastings is now saying “If the talent were willing to do more,  I’m sure we would be willing.”
  • The “Grumpy Cat” meme is being made into a movie. The cranky-faced kitty was voted Meme of the Year at the 2013 Webby Awards and will star in a  a “‘Garfield’-like feature film.”
  • The Esquire network (currently known as G4) gets a September launch date.
  • Justin Bieber’s Ferrari was pulled over for speeding (again!) but the singer wasn’t driving — but what do you know, his troublesome pal Lil Twist was behind the wheel.
  • Rob Kardashian has settled with the paparazzi who accused him of striking her and stealing the memory card from her camera in March after she snapped a pic of the reality star shirtless. Kardashian has agreed to pay the paparazzo the value of her camera equipment.
  • Pregnant Kim Kardashian had a Marilyn Monroe moment.

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