New Yorkers Are Capturing Crazy Street Videos Of Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes usually hides behind a screen, hurling insults via her Twitter account.

She can safely call people “ugly” from the comforts of her disheveled apartment and rarely makes public appearances, except for court dates.

So when the 27-year-old former Nickelodeon star is spotted on the streets of New York City — attempting to do everyday things like run errands or eat soup alone in a restaurant — people feel as if they have spotted a rare bird outside of its cage.

Some New Yorkers have recently taken it upon themselves to capture Bynes on such outings, and she doesn’t disappoint.

Instagram user @mlcny spotted Bynes dancing as she walked down Eighth Avenue in New York this week— wearing the same sweatpants outfit she wore to court Tuesday, trading out her blue wig for a blonde one.

And as luck would have it, a supervising producer at “The View” happened to be “one of three people” at a soup and salad restaurant on the Upper West Side when Bynes — in her full wigged glory — walked in and started mumbling to herself over a cup of split pea soup before terrifying patrons by peering at them through the outside window on her way out.

Watch “The View” producer tell the crazy story:

Here’s a photo the producer took of Bynes while eating dinner alone.

“She sat down, she ate very, very quickly, and was mumbling to herself,” she explained of the encounter. “I thought to myself, very seriously, why is she alone? Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this?”

Amanda Bynes The View

Bynes got wind of the producer’s tale and once again took to Twitter late Thursday with a denial.

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