Alyssa Milano Thinks Twitter Is "The Closest Thing We Have To Time Travel"

piers twitter showPiers gets miked up with Twitter founders Biz and Jack

Last night Piers Morgan devoted his entire program (complete with a live and tweeting studio audience) to Twitter.The program featured two of Twitter’s co-founders – Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone (but no Ev) — as well as an array of boldface Twitter names: Nick Kristof, Martha Stewart, Newwark mayor Cory Booker, Gary Vee, Katie Rosman (who penned an excellent WSJ column this weekend about Twitter’s affect on relationships ), and Alyssa Milano.

Trying to convey the power of Twitter on television is never an easy thing — for those who don’t use apps like Tweetdeck on their computer having them run in the background of a set can often just be visually confusing.

But Morgan — who is a recent (some might say fanatic) Twitter convert — and his guests managed to provide a solid sense of why Twitter is fundamentally changing the way different industries operate. 

Martha Stewart likes to use Twitter to take instant surveys from her customers (and two million twitter followers) about things like pink sheets.

Jack Dorsey likes to Tweet his meals so his mother will know he’s eating well.

Nick Kristof, in what was perhaps the most succinct explanation of why social media like Twitter is important in places like the Mid East, said that “it enormously raises the cost of repression for regimes when you have — it holds people accountable. It holds dictators accountable. And one reasons we’re not seeing more atrocities right now in the Middle East frankly is that everybody knows that, you know, there are people tweeting, there are people taking photos, and the word is getting out.

piers twitter showYou have to admire a show unafraid to serve its live studio audiene a whole lot of meat.

Gary Vaynerchuk, who blazed onto the set, made the most prescient observation, namely that Twitter was about listening.  Also, Martha made his throw up in his mouth a little bit:”I also think that this whole show — and I’ve been watching — has been a lot about talking. You know, I think that Twitter is the greatest listening tool we’ve ever seen. I got to be honest you, I was in a green room and I was listening to Martha. I love Martha as much as anybody, but I kind of threw up on myself when I heard her say, I just say stuff and then people interpret it.

This is the listening platform of our generation., to me, is easily the single most important thing that anybody in this audience there needs to be using on a daily basis. People are talking about you, your businesses, the genre you’re in.”

And finally, Alyssa Milano, who thinks its time travel: “I believe that Twitter is the closest thing that we have to time travel. It’s the closest thing that we truly have a global community. There are no boundaries. We are all the same on Twitter.”

Get ready for Tweetdeck Time Machine!

Milano’s video below.

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