NYC And Boston High School Students Can Thank Nobel Prize Winner Alvin Roth For Their Fates

Stuyvesant High School

Photo: Julia La Roche for Business Insider

Earlier this morning, we learned that Harvard economics professor Alvin Roth was one of two people who was award the Nobel Prize in economics.Among other things, Roth “helped redesign existing institutions for matching new doctors with hospitals, students with schools, and organ donors with patients.”

Some more from Roth’s bio:

The best known of the markets he has designed (or, in this case, redesigned) is the National Resident Matching Program, through which approximately 20 thousand doctors a year find their first employment as residents at American hospitals. He has recently been involved in the reorganization of the market for Gastroenterology fellows, which started using a clearinghouse in 2006 for positions beginning in 2007. He helped design the high school matching system used in New York City to match approximately 90 thousand students to high schools each year, starting with students entering high school in the Fall of 2004. He helped redesign the matching system used in Boston Public Schools, adopted for students starting school in September 2006.

Harvard students who now wish to enroll in one of Professor Roth’s classes will be disappointed.  According to his page on, Roth has already moved to California where he will be a professor at Stanford.

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