33 alternative styles if you don't want a traditional engagement ring

ShutterstockNot every bride wants to wear classic diamonds.
  • Though many people dream of getting engaged, not every bride is as keen on wearing a traditional engagement ring.
  • Instead of diamonds and gold bands, some people prefer unique gemstones and unconventional shapes.
  • To help give you an idea of what’s on the market, we’ve rounded up 33 alternatives to classic engagement ring styles.

The wedding industry may be changing, but engagement rings are still as popular as ever.

Especially when looking at the rocks worn by celebrities such as Hailey Baldwin and Paris Hilton, it’s clear that traditional bands and classic-cut stones are still highly favoured, despite changing ring trends over the years.

But not every bride wants to stay traditional on the big day. A study done by insurance group Allianz found that many brides are valuing honeymoons and homes over luxe diamond rings. In other instances, some brides still purchase diamonds but opt for unique cuts, colours, and styles that better suit their personality.

If you’re in the market for a unique ring – diamonds included or not – check out our roundup of 33 alternative engagement rings below.

Use a geometric shape to enhance the look of your diamonds.

Kay JewlersThis unique ring combines several classic styles.

You can make a traditional round diamond look distinct by placing it in the center of a geometrically shaped cluster of smaller stones.

Cost: $US8,249

Find out more about this White Gold Neil Lane Diamond Engagement Ring here.

Instead of wearing a traditional band, opt for a wave of diamonds.

Kay JewlersThis ring set includes both an engagement ring and wedding band.

This bridal set is notable for both the shape of its bands and the fact that it places the largest diamond next to the bands rather than on top of them.

Cost: $US7,099

Find out more about the White Gold Diamond Bridal Set here.

No one will expect your engagement ring to feature black diamonds.

Kay JewlersThe only thing traditional about this ring is the pear-shaped diamond in the middle.

This edgy, black-diamond engagement ring contrasts with the more classic diamond wedding band to create a chic bridal set.

Cost: $US2,999

Find out more about this bridal set here.

Choose a ring that features a unique diamond halo.

Kay JewlersA yellow-gold band will also help make your engagement ring stand out.

The large marquise diamond on this ring fits perfectly in the crease of its contoured band, making for a one-of-a-kind bridal set.

Cost: $US2,899

Find out more about this Marquise Diamond Bridal Set here.

Choose a ring in which the band and diamond are the same colour.

Kay JewlersThe unusual flower shape of this ring is unlike most others on the market.

Rose gold jewellery might be in style right now, but gems of the same colour aren’t as common.

Cost: $US2,599

Find out more about the Neil Lane Morganite Engagement Ring here.

Mixing a yellow band with an unusual setting can make for a distinctive ring.

Kay JewlersTriangles are a shape rarely seen on engagement rings.

Though there are four flashy diamonds in this ring, it’s the triangle setting that really grabs your attention.

Cost: $US849

Find out more about this diamond engagement ring here.

You don’t need diamonds when you have colourful gems.

Neiman MarcusIf you want an alternative ring, shop outside traditional jewellers.

The prong setting on this band allows for a variety of colourful gems to be placed side by side, creating an uneven but interesting look.

Cost: $US3,000

Find out more about the Gold Multicolor Sapphire Eternity Band

Understated gold bands are basically the opposite of classic sparkling rings.

Neiman MarcusThis ring is part of a collaboration between Gigi Hadid and jewellery brand Messika.

A diamond might be forever, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the highlight of your ring – instead, focus on finding an attractive band.

Cost: $US980

Find out more about the Move Addiction Diamond Bezel Ring here.

A V-shaped engagement ring also works as an unconventional wedding band.

Neiman MarcusSharply shaped bands can eliminate the need for a center stone.

Despite set traditions, there are conflicting opinions on how to wear your wedding band and engagement ring after being married. For brides who choose to go against the grain, a V-shaped engagement band is perfect to wear on its own after the wedding.

Cost: $US7,300

Find out more about this Anita Ko White Gold Diamond V Ring ring here.

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An encased diamond is the perfect option for those who want some subtle bling.

Neiman MarcusThe circle pattern of this band is also very distinct.

An engagement ring featuring a bold circular band and floating diamond might be radical for some, but is the perfect choice for someone seeking an alternative style.

Cost: $US2,250

Find out more about the Chopard Happy Dreams Ring here.

A dainty engagement ring can put a unconventional twist on a traditional ring.

Neiman MarcusThe traditional pear-shaped diamond is made to stand out by sitting crooked on the band.

We might live in a time when brides are receiving giant, $US300,000 rings, but there are options for brides who want to choose something smaller and much less expensive.

Cost: $US675

Find out more about the Memoire Yellow Gold Pear Diamond Ring here.

Heart diamonds can be overdone, so choose something a little more whimsical.

Neiman MarcusThe diamond featured in this ring is also encased and floating.

Engagement rings don’t have to be all about glitz and glam – they can be fun, too. A ring like this one from Chopard is quirky but also incorporates a classic diamond.

Cost: $US1,630

Find out more about the Chopard Happy Hearts Carnelian & Diamond Ring here.

Heart-shaped rings can also look elegant.

Bing Bang NYCThis ring lays flat, unlike many traditional engagement bands.

A solid-colour band and small diamonds are key to perfecting this distinct style.

Cost: $US95

Find out more about the Bing Bang NYC Sparkle Heart Ring with Diamonds here.

A nature-inspired ring would be completely out of the box.

Neiman MarcusA gold band — like the one featured on this ring — will complement any colour gem.

Choosing a butterfly ring can be a playful way to incorporate a colourful gemstone into your engagement ring.

Cost: $US2,250

Find out more about the Stephen Webster Fly by Deco Drive ring here.

Use your engagement ring as a symbol of you and your spouse.

Stone and StrandThough the focus of this ring is the initials, there are still plenty of diamonds.

You can choose to include your new initials if you’re taking your partner’s last name, or you can instead choose a letter from both your and your partner’s names.

Cost: $US695

Find out more about the Diamond Initial Cuff Ring here.

An open ring is a novel concept for an engagement band.

Stone and StrandA ring like this one allows brides to pair gems with diamonds.

An open, diamond-covered band paired with a bright green emerald stone is incredibly striking.

Cost: $US5,100

Find out more about the Double Diamond Pave Open Round Emerald Ring here.

If you want a gemstone on your engagement band, look for an exceptional colour.

De BeersA coloured gemstone will really pop when surrounded by classic round white diamonds.

Engagement rings are highly customisable, so once you’ve found the perfect band, you can begin searching for the most noteworthy coloured gemstone you can find.

Cost: $US8,950

Find out more about the De Beers Caress In Rose Gold With Fancy Coloured Diamond ring here.

Everyone will want to take a closer look at your intricate band.

ZalesYellow-gold pairs perfectly with classic diamonds.

A solitaire stone atop a gold band is arguably the most traditional engagement ring on the market, so change things up with a glitzy and detailed band.

Cost: $US8,329

Find out more about the Diamond Vintage-Style Engagement Ring here.

Flower-shaped rings are common, so choose one with an irregular shape.

ZalesThis flower-shaped band almost resembles a four-leaf clover.

Roses aren’t the only flower that represent love, so choose a floral ring that best represents your relationship.

Cost: $US8,329

Find out more about the Cushion-Cut Diamond Flower Frame Engagement Ring

Flowers give brides the opportunity to add some colour to their diamond rings.

ZalesThe flowers also add some contrast to the round stone.

If you want classic flowers on your ring but don’t want them to be the center of attention, choose a ring that uses them as accents rather than focal points.

Cost: $US549

Find out more about the Diamond Frame Flower Promise Ring here.

Petite diamonds make for a surprising engagement ring choice.

ZalesThis ring is simple, but also uncommon in its design.

Large, square-shaped diamonds are popular, so a ring with a flat, square setting and small embedded diamonds can be astonishing.

Cost: $US249

Find out more about the Diamond Square Cluster Engagement Ring here.

Swap out a diamond-encrusted band for something more sleek.

ZalesA bold band still allows a solitaire diamond to shine.

Mixed-metal bands are uncommon, so you’ll undoubtedly break tradition with a swirl-design engagement ring.

Cost: $US349

Find out more about the Diamond Accent Swirl Engagement Ring here.

You can swap out diamonds and colourful gems for elegant pearls.

A pearl engagement ring is an unusual choice on it’s own, but can be even more bold when cased in a square-shaped ring.

Cost: $US150

Find out more about the Honora Geodescent Mother of Pearl Square Station Ring here.

Understated rings can be rather striking.

J.R. DunnPair a dainty band with a striking setting to really show off a bold diamond.

If you want to put a nontraditional spin on the classic pear-shape diamond, make sure your ring shape is irregular and jagged.

Cost: $US1,480

Find out more about the Forevermark Alchemy Jade Trau Envoy Yellow Gold Pear Diamond Stackable Ring here.

White gold looks more sleek than traditionally flashy rings.

J.R. DunnThis ring almost looks like it’s made out of silver metal.

With it’s silver tone, diamond shape, and minimal diamonds, this ring will particularly suit edgy brides.

Cost: $US410

Find out more about the White Gold Diamond Geometric Ring here.

Choose a ring that isn’t crystal clear.

Anna SheffieldSalmon-coloured lines criss-cross over this gem stone.

While the center gem is uniquely patterned, the surrounding halo of diamonds incorporates a more traditional element.

Cost: $US1,200

Find out more about the Anna Sheffield Pave Amulet Ring here.

Depending on your personal style, dark engagement rings might be a better match for your everyday wardrobe.

Anna SheffieldThe diamonds on this ring are Champagne-coloured.

If you’re someone who wears a bunch of dark neutrals, like black and grey, a subdued ring will not only reflect your personality, but will also match your style.

Cost: $US1,275

Find out more about the Anne Sheffield Bea Arrow Ring here.

By minimising the number of diamonds on your ring, you’ll be able to attract more attention to the band.

LagosEven the flower shape on this ring is unique.

Most engagement ring bands are made from a solid metal, but this one stands out for its spherical shapes.

Cost: $US850

Find out more about the Lagos ring here.

A 3D style will make your ring pop.

LagosGold and silver metals make for a unique colour combination.

Geometric shapes are always a unique addition to engagement rings, but raising the design will make it stand out even more.

Cost: $US395

Find out more about the Lagos Caviar ring here.

Knots will add some texture to your chosen style.

LagosBecause the ring is gold and covered in diamonds, there’s still an element of tradition.

The addition of a sphere-encrusted band adds even more dimension to the ring.

Cost: $US1,500

Find out more about the Lagos Love Knot here >

Varying gem sizes will enhance your ring.

ShamiThe band is also a unique shade of gold.

Though it’s full of colourful stones, this ring is much more dainty than standard engagement rings.

Cost: $US64

Find out more about the Shami Rainbow Row Dainty Ring here.

Mix alternative and classic styles together to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Bing Bang NYCTraditionally, brides often wear gold bands.

Black diamonds might not align with every bride’s taste, but the standout gems are perfect for those looking for a different style.

Cost: $US70

Find out more about the Bing Bang NYC Jet Black Crystal ring here.

Rectangles are a rarely seen ring shape.

J.R. DunnSuch a long shape allows for multiple diamonds.

Not only will a rectangle shape ring be unexpected, but it strays far from the idea of a classic, solitaire-stone ring.

Cost: $US625

Find out more about this ring here.

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