Alternate Survey Suggests Pakistanis Support More Liberal Dress For Women

Islamabad fashion week pakistani women modelsAP Photo/Anjum NaveedPakistan model present creation of designer Erum Khan during Islamabad Fashion Week.

A Pakistan newspaper has conducted its own online survey to test the results of a study that shows 98% of Pakistanis think women should cover their heads in public.

This graphic illustrating the University of Michigan research got a lot of attention online last week:

But the survey from The Express Tribune, which asked some of the same questions as the University of Michigan survey, shows that only 62% of respondents thought women should be covered up in public.

In the Express Tribune poll, the most popular choice was the woman with no head covering, whereas in the University of Michigan survey, only 2% of respondents chose that option for most appropriately dressed.

It should be noted, however, that the newspaper survey of 2,235 people was a non-scientific online poll, which may have been biased toward the wealthier minority with Internet access. The University of Michigan polled 3,523 Pakistanis in a more scientific study.

This interactive graphic from the newspaper compares the results:


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