The alt-right movement was practically giddy that Hillary Clinton attacked them in a major speech

Photo: Getty/ Ramin Talaie.

Some leaders of the so-called alt-right movement appear to be happy that Hillary Clinton called them out in a major speech attacking Donald Trump.

Clinton gave the speech on Thurday, attempting to put the movement’s alleged racist ideology into the mainstream consciousness.

But leaders of the group greeted the Democratic presidential candidate’s vitriol with unrestrained glee.

Instead of being frustrated by Clinton’s assertions that the movement is racist and dangerous, leaders within the group  — some of whom were live-tweeting the speech — said they appreciated the “free publicity,” and that Clinton was, as they put it, “doing our work for us.”

Clinton decried the group, saying it “has effectively taken over the Republican Party” due to Trump’s heated and often controversial rhetoric.

“There’s always been a paranoid fringe in our politics, steeped in racial resentment,” Clinton said, “but it’s never had the nominee of a major party stoking it, encouraging it, and giving it a national megaphone. Until now.”

The alt-right nationalist movement calls for a “white ethno-state,” and has rallied around Donald Trump, who, at times, has shared their messages on Twitter.

Here’s how members of the alt-right responded to Clinton’s speech:

The conservative website Breitbart says it interviewed Clinton supporters before the speech and found few who knew what the alt-right movement was.

Google searches for “alt right” did peak after Clinton’s speech, which followers also celebrated:

Those subscribing to the alt-right ideology were jubilant, saying they would be “seen by millions for the very first time.”

Many seemed to use Clinton’s assertions as a rallying cry:


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