Alt-right movement descends into civil war after leading figure is booted from Trump inauguration event

Tim Treadstone aka Baked Alaska
Tim Treadstone aka Baked Alaska. Baked Alaska/Periscope

The alt-right movement descended into civil war on Monday after one of its largest figures was booted from an upcoming inauguration event following a series of postings about the media being “run in majority by Jewish people.”

Tim Treadstone, an unabashedly alt-right social media personality, better known as “Baked Alaska,” was disinvited from the “DeploraBall” after publishing that string of tweets. 

After being cut from the event, which initially featured him as a top guest, Treadstone turned to Twitter to lash out at fellow alt-right leaders, a sign of divide in the white nationalist, neo-Nazi, populist movement that backed Trump.

Treadstone zeroed in on Mike Cernovich, a similarly prominent alt-right figure known for such remarks as “date rape does not exist,” who was responsible for nixing him from the event.

Treadstone has a history of anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi tweets. Other alt-right figures, like leading neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, were previously booted from the upcoming party.

“Baked Alaska is not a member of the Deploraball committee and will not be attending the event,” Cernovich tweeted. “We wish him well.”

Soon after the announcement, Cernovich confirmed that Breitbart tech editor and conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos would be attending the event instead.

The moves prompted Treadstone to go on a lengthy Twitter rant against Cernovich and Yiannopoulos, capping off with a roughly 45-minute scorched earth Periscope video in which he called the former “a huge cuck” and “a massive cuck” for side-stepping “the Zionist question.”

“You can thank Mike @Cernovich for banning me from my own event for tweets,” Treadstone tweeted. “He seems to really care what the media thinks rather than his own.”

Treadstone proceeded to call Yiannopoulos, who was permanently banned from Twitter for mocking “Ghostbusters” star Leslie Jones, a “shallow scumbag” for joining the event only after he was removed.

Other alt-right accounts opted to stand in solidarity with Treadstone, calling the move “‘new right’ (liberal) censorship.”

“Mike won’t answer why I’m banned lol what a cuck,” Treadstone tweeted.

“The gorilla man banned me oh no!” he added in a separate tweet, taking an apparent shot at Cernovich’s book “The Gorilla Mindset.” “Have fun cucks!”

Cernovich later posted and deleted a Periscope video in which he characterised Treadstone as a “druggie” and “disgruntled employee” who had a “meltdown” online. He also retweeted a message which took a jab at “haters who used to hang on Milo’s every word … but now trash him.”

Treadstone fired back in his Periscope video, accusing Cernovich of not being a “fan of free speech.”

“Mike got upset that I was tweeting some things about Jewish people,” he tweeted. “I don’t hate Jews, but there are some things that I like to talk about. I’m alt-right, I’ve always been alt-right. I’ve never said I’m not alt-right unlike Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo and these other cucks. I’ve always been alt-right.”

The “DeploraBall” is scheduled for January 19, the night before President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated, and is set to take place at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Trump confidant Roger Stone and Twitter personality Bill Mitchell are among the featured guests at the party, in addition to Cernovich and now Yiannopoulos. The event was originally supposed to be held at a DC-area nightclub, but the venue backed out of hosting the event after receiving threats shortly after the party was announced.

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