Alphabet is debuting its drone project for the first time by flying burritos to hungry college kids

If you’re not using drones to deliver Chipotle burritos, what really is the point of them anyway?

Google’s parent company Alphabet has come up with the best way to introduce Project Wing, its drone delivery project, to the public for the first time: flying burritos to students on Virginia Tech’s campus, Bloomberg first reported.

The Federal Aviation Administration cleared Project Wing to use drones for Chipotle burrito delivery starting this month for an experiment spanning a few weeks. The drones will fly from a Chipotle food truck and actually lower the burrito to a college student using a winch.

It may be the most 2016 innovation yet: a flying robot lowering a delicious Chipotle burrito into millennial hands.

But aside from the obvious awesome nature of the project, it also speaks to a huge milestone for companies hoping to tap into drone delivery services. As Bloomberg notes, the Virginia Tech trial will be the most extensive drone test in the US to date. If it’s a success, it could incentivise the FAA to release regulations allowing for commercial drone delivery.

The FAA’s long-awaited regulations clearing drones to fly for commercial reasons, like aerial photography and research, went into effect just last week. The rules don’t address using drones for delivery purposes, but are seen as a step in that direction.

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