Alphabet's Eric Schmidt says Russia is the biggest cyber attack threat to the US

Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, says he’s worried about Russian cyber attacks against the US more than any other country.

“The [country] I worry about the most right now is actually Russia,” Schmidt said in an interview with David Rubenstein on Bloomberg.

“If you look at their actions over the last few months, they have done a number of very publicized invasions, attacks, and alterations, which can only be understood as cyber activity and they’re not shy about it.”

Schmidt’s comments alluded to allegations by the US and others that Russia was responsible for hacking into and releasing emails from the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee in an attempt to influence the election.

It’s interesting that Schmidt cites the Russians as cyber enemy number 1 given Google’s history battling Chinese hackers. Google suffered a series of cyber attacks from China several years ago that caused the company to pull out of mainland China in 2010. The attackers targeted humans rights activists that used Google services, according to Google. Several other major tech companies were victims of the same cyber attack.

You can watch the full interview with Schmidt here:

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