You can stay on a working alpaca ranch in California for $74 a night

AirbnbYou can stay with these friendly alpacas for $US74 a night.
  • A room in a working alpaca ranch is on Airbnb for $US74 a night.
  • The room is in a house located on the Capaldi Ranch, which is a working alpaca and almond ranch based 10 minutes away from downtown Paso Robles, California.
  • Guests have given it an overall five-star rating, with many guests pointing out the “friendly” animals as the highlight.
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Airbnb is full of unusually delightful places to stay, and the latest one making a buzz seems perfect for animal lovers.

Starting at $US74 a night, you can rent a room in a working ranch surrounded by alpacas in Paso Robles, California.

Alpaca farmAirbnbThe room is located on Capaldi Ranch.

As House Beautiful pointed out, the room is located on the Capaldi Ranch, which is an alpaca and almond ranch based 10 minutes away from downtown Paso Robles.

Alpaca airbnbAirbnbThe house features plenty of outdoor space.

According to customer reviews, the alpacas are “friendly” and are “perfectly willing to let you share the views with them.”

Dc3c838e 421a 4c10 a7e3 99090ebd4303AirbnbGuests have the chance to feed the alpacas.

For $US74 a night, you get one room in the house with a queen-sized bed, as well as a private bathroom. There’s also a separate entrance to the room for extra privacy.

Room aplaca airbnbAirbnbThe room includes a queen-sized bed.

The Airbnb has a five-star rating out of 304 reviews. Guests have called it “the perfect place to enjoy a gorgeous sunset and a glass of wine.”

Alpaca airbnbAirbnbThe alpacas steal the show.

Of course, the alpacas end up stealing the show for many guests, with one writing that they got the chance to “meet, feed, and snuggle with them.”

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If you don’t want to stay overnight, the ranch also offers tours of the premises for $US10 per person.

54a67d4a c883 4dc9 89aa 62978d9b827bAirbnbGuests have pointed out the beautiful views from the ranch.

Find out more about Capaldi Ranch on Airbnb.

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