Everyone's Least favourite Traders Are The Only Ones Getting Hired Right Now

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Photo: Mighty Ohm via Flickr

Despite laying off tons of people this year, almost every bank on Wall Street wants to hire high frequency traders, recruiters told Dow Jones.Apparently HFTs are the only people that don’t have to worry about getting laid off right now. Everyone else in banks – prop traders in particular – have had to worry about the status of their jobs.

But HFTs are in high demand at banks.

Recruiters said Nomura, JPMorgan, Bank of Montreal, Citigroup, Barclay’s Capital, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank are all asking them to find them new hires that are high frequency traders, or in Goldman Sachs’ case, quantitative analysts with a Ph.D.

According to Nasdaq, Goldman is looking to hire experienced quantitative analysts, preferably with doctorate degrees, for its asset-management group (like their new hire Asita Anche).

Apparently at least a few hedge funds are hiring speed traders too. Recruiters said Moore Capital and Millenium Partners have been looking for HFTs.

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