900,000 Australians have opted out of My Health Record

iStockJumping ship.

Almost a million Australians have opted out of the controversial My Health Record.

Australian Digital Health Agency chief executive Tim Kelsey told the Senate Committee looking into the system that as of September 12, roughly 900,000 people had opted out of the system.

That represents approximately 3% of the total 28 million people eligible to use the system.

That number, however, only includes those who have opted out either online or via call centres, suggesting it could be even higher.

Kelsey also told the hearing he was not concerned about the opt-out numbers.

“We had anticipated significantly higher levels of opt-out than we are seeing, and we certainly hadn’t anticipated such high levels of opt-in as we are seeing,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Opposition says it’s evidence that the system is a “trainwreck”.

The Sydney Morning Herald has more.

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