Almost 4 Million Australians Don't Take A Lunch Break And Their Health Could Be At Risk

Missed lunch today? Well, you’re not alone. According to research by the Australia Institute and beyondblue, 3.8 million Australians say they don’t take their lunch break.

Here is what the survey found:

  • More than 44% ate their lunch while working
  • 33% often delayed having lunch until the middle of the afternoon
  • 20% did not stop working at all

Overall, the survey found that more than half of those who took lunch had it interrupted or cut short to return to work.

Chief executive officer of beyondblue, Kate Carnell, said many employees had “lost sight of how taking a break can improve their mental health and increase productivity.”

“The problems with that is it really isn’t good for either your physical or your mental health, and that’s the reason or one of the reasons that we’re seeing increased levels of stress leave, plus stress-related workers compensation topped $10 billion in Australia,” Carnell told The ABC.

Along with a health warning the research has advised workers that even a short break will improve attitude and productivity.

“It’s great that people are committed to getting the job done, but it is sensible to take a break away from your desk or the production line to exercise and think about other things,” Carnell said.

The Australian has more.

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