Almost 1 In 4 Australian Job Seekers Are Looking For Work Overseas

No wonder it is sometimes hard for Australian businesses to attract and retain quality staff., the local arm of the world’s biggest job search site, released a global survey recently which showed that:

“A massive 24.9 per cent of job seekers in Australia are looking for a role outside of the country. This compares to just one in 10 job seekers globally.”

Source: Indeed Hiring Lab I July 2014 Where People Search for Jobs – Cross-Border Labor Mobility Report

The number of Australians looking outside the country shows that “there’s a real desire among Australians to work abroad,” Chris McDonald, Indeed’s country manager for Australia and New Zealand, said.

But he added that Australian business and recruiters “must make sure they are not affected by this potential brain drain, where skilled workers are enticed away to work in other countries.”

Australia’s position for inbound job searches sounds low – just 11.3% of non-residents want to come and work here – but Tara M. Sinclair, PhD, economist at Indeed and associate professor of economics and international affairs at The George Washington University, had this to add:

Despite the difficulty in accessing employment visas and the relatively high cost of living in Australia, it is the 12th most popular country in the world for non-residents to search for jobs in. This demonstrates the country’s ‘pulling power’. Given that there aren’t a huge number of jobs available when compared to larger economies around the world, competition for these jobs will be high.

It seems there isn’t a lot to lose for the Australian economy which is clearly attracting offshore talent and while there will be, or already is, a certain amount of brain drain, it would be hoped that Australians who build a career and grow their knowledge offshore will eventually want to bring their skills home.

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