Allons-y! Facebook Launches In France

Facebook is launching in France today, Sarah Lacy tells Mark Zuckerberg during their SXSW interview. According to Valleywag, Mark was bummed because he wanted to announce this news himself:

“So you’re launching in France tonight,” says Lacy. “How’d you get to that before me?” asks Zuckerberg.

Memo to Mark: Your staff has been telling blogger/writers about the France launch for quite a while — at least since Tuesday:

[New Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg] did make the case that Facebook can continue to add new users, while also making the site more useful to the ones it does have. And she emphasised Facebook’s international growth plans–in England and beyond. The social network has just launched sites in Spain and Germany, and France is coming next: “It’s just starting to become an international product.”

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