The Windows App Store Is Coming Whether Microsoft Likes It Or Not

thibauld favre allmyapps
Thibauld Favre, co-founder and CEO of AllMyApps

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AllMyApps, a Paris-based startup that wants to be the App Store for Windows, is announcing tomorrow that they have reached 100,000 members three months after opening in beta.Last September, the company raised a million euros in VC from Elaia Partners and the company seems to be growing strongly. Users download more than six apps per month on average, which is pretty strong. (Your Mac-toting writer must have downloaded one or two apps since the Mac App Store launched.)

App stores are all the rage, and AllMyApps got started with their idea of a Windows app store before Apple launched their Mac App Store. A desktop app store is a good idea: it’s potentially more convenient for users with easy billing and updating, and it can be a new source of revenue for the OS maker–or whoever owns the app store.

The question for AllMyApps seems to be: will Microsoft try to copy them, or buy them?

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