Hungry, hungry alligators are invading a Florida neighbourhood in search of food

  • There’s a lot of wildlife in Florida.
  • But one neighbourhood says it has an alligator problem.
  • Like, more than usual.
  • Experts say the ‘gators are “browsing” around looking for food because it’s warm.
  • It’s not, as some believe, because of mating season. That starts in May.
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There’s a lot of wildlife in Florida, and usually locals don’t bat an eye when they come in close contact with a rogue reptile or amphibian.

But residents for Fort Myers, Florida, say they have had a few encounters with alligators that have been too close for comfort, the Huffington Post first reported.

According to an April 12 post from the Fort Myers Police Department, officers were dispatched to a home after an alligator crashed through a screen. Florida Fish and Wildlife capture the 8-foot-long animal, with plans to relocate it.

And that’s not the only one. Alligators have also been seen walking along local roads. Like this one, who was seen on a “stroll” in the sunshine.

So, what makes this stand out from the usual array of natural life in Florida – you know the poisonous toads inhabiting swimming pools or 8-foot water monitors escaping captivity for months? Well, experts say it has to do with the changing of the seasons.

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Brian Norris, a spokesperson for Florida Fish and Wildlife, told Fox 4 Now that when it gets warm out and the seasons change, alligators’ metabolisms become faster, making them hungry. The reptiles, he said, are looking for food ahead of their mating season, which usually beings in May.

“They have to find some food, so that’s when we’ll find them on footpaths and people’s pools they’re really just out there browsing around,” Norris said.

Although he added humans aren’t typically on the menu for gators. They’re usually searching for meat, like chicken for example. Still, he recommends being cautious.

“If you are near water, just be mindful that there could be some sunning themselves on the bank. If you have pets, be mindful especially near water,” he recommended.

Gator season, it seems, is nigh.

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