Popular 'Hyperbole And A Half' Web Comic Allie Brosh Returns With 'Stunningly Brilliant' Blog Post

Allie BroshAllie Brosh, the author of the hugely popular blog and web comic Hyperbole And A Half, has returned with her first post since she announced her fight with depression back in October of 2011

The internet is a happier place today with Brosh’s return.

Hyperbole And A Half is crudely drawn web comic crafted with Microsoft paint that highlights the normal and the absurd of Brosh’s life and observations. Brosh’s quirky, uplifting and humorous style was an immediate hit and helped her build a loyal following that includes over 300,000 Likes on her Facebook page

Which made it all the more shocking to her fans when she suddenly posted a heart wrenching comic depicting her struggle with depression. 

After her final two posts that addressed her depression, Brosh stopped updating her blog, posting comments, stopped tweeting, stopped updating her Facebook page. She resurfaced briefly to let fans know she was OK and was dealing with getting a handle on her depression.

Last night, Brosh announced on her Facebook page and in a post on Hyperbole And A Half that there would be a new comic telling the story of her struggles with depression over the last two years. 

She announced the new post in typical Brosh style. With a drawing of an aeroplane. 

Allie Brosh Hyperbole and a half

In her “Depression: Part 2” post, Brosh’s description of what she’s been going through with depression is a fascinating, unique and emotionally personal look into her life and the lives of those who must deal with this disease. 

In an email to Business Insider, Jonathan Rottenberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychology University of South Florida, called Brosh’s return post “stunningly brilliant.” 

Rottenberg explained what is brilliant about the post is that it captures recovery from depression as not being an easy or linear process; it can be as confusing as depression itself.

She candidly illustrates how difficult it is to fight the feeling of “nothing,” what its like to struggle with notions of suicide and how it can feel like your brain is playing games with you you don’t understand. 

Allie Brosh hyperbole and a half

Brosh tackles it all with her weapons of choice, art and words. She’s also mentioned she’s finished a draft of her upcoming book.

Welcome back Allie Brosh, the internet has missed you. 

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