Alley-Valley Smackdown: Who Wins?

Turns out we weren’t the only ones amused by yesterday’s back-and-forth about Google’s stock potential between my boss, Henry Blodget, and Silicon Valley startup cheerleader Michael Arrington. CNet’s Caroline McCarthy took the opportunity to flex her bicoastal tech-scene knowledge with a handy chart highlighting the differences between the Valley and the Alley. Here’s a sample:


We think she did a great job, but perhaps she sold New York’s “tech titans” section a bit short: missing are Google (which is rapidly expanding in ManhattanVP Marissa Mayer says the NY Googleplex is nicer than Mountain View’s), any number of ad networks and ad agencies, whose future revenues are fueling the dreams of many Bay Area startups, and Wall Street, whose massive tech budgets consistently seduce top engineering talent.

So who wins? We’ll leave that up to you to decide in the comments section.

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