Alley Reviewer: TechCrunch Event Was Rigged!


CenterNetworks’ Allen Stern journeyed out to San Francisco to join the throng this week at TechCrunch40, Mike Arrington and Jason Calacanis’ startup showcase/schmooze. His review: Excellent event, but bogus competition! Allen can’t figure out why online financial service Mint won the $50,000 prize, but shares his curmudgeonly suspicions:

Mint’s demo wasn’t great and they couldn’t answer my questions about security. Mike didn’t even see a demo of Mint, yet they got into the 40? Mint is this year’s silicon valley darling and has received more hype (even though the beta testers couldn’t talk about it) than the iPhone and I am willing to bet that’s why they won. Why give it to a Korean or Russian startup who leaves the country never to be seen again when they can give it to the guy who is at all the parties, certainly helps for local buzz. CenterNetworks

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