Alley Real Estate: Manhattan Flex Space?

We’ve heard a lot lately from people looking for cheap, good, commercial real estate for small teams and startups that you can’t get from a traditional broker. We’d like to help match people and places, so if you have a request — or some space you’d like to fill — drop us a line and we’ll list it for free.

Today, a request from Brian McCaffrey:

A client of mine is looking for space for 2-3 developers initially, possibly adding 1-2 more people after that. I know there are some flex spaces at 55 Broad and 44 Wall, does anyone have any contact info for those, or any other options to recommend. Thanks.

A response and Brian’s contact info after the jump.

Joseph Zagrobelny replies:

Nysia runs one in the Wall St area, 55 Broad is, a couple more options:

Brian McCaffrey
Account Executive
Consulting Services Division
Robert Half Technology
33 Whitehall Street
11th Floor
New York , NY 10004
Tel: 212.480.0248
Fax: 212.509.9374
E-Mail: [email protected]

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