NY Music Mogul + Famous Alley Investor = ?

Like a lot of people in the music business, Steve Greenberg has bounced around a bit : At one point he ran S-Curve Records, best known as the label that brought the world the Baha “Who Let The Dogs Out?” Men. In 2005 he moved into a top slot at Sony’s Columbia records, and then he left in 2006 shortly after Sony-BMG boss Andy Lack was kicked upstairs. Now he’s reviving S-Curve again, positioning it as a “full-service” label that will do more than just produce music. Like many other labels, Steve now wants to get into artist management, since the business of selling music alone is, um, difficult.

S-Curve has taken an equity stake in Nabbr, a New York company that makes an embeddable widget/media player designed to promote artists and brands on MySpace or blog pages. More intriguing is scuttlebutt that Greenberg may be partnering with an Alley angel investor of note. More later…

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