Alley Job Hunt: Viacom And CBS


Come work for Sumner Redstone’s Viacom! They’re (belatedly) beefing up their Web presence. And as a bonus, you get to watch your boss engage in family feuds. Viacom and sister corp. CBS have dozens of digital openings, including software/Web development, design, production, ad ops, and tech support. We can’t link directly to the individual postings from the Viacom or CBS job sites, but here are some highlights:

  • Director, Strategy, Planning & Development at Viacom, including corporate strategy and M&A
  • Associate Games Producer,
  • Advertising QA Analyst for MTV Networks
  • Account Exec to sell ads at Logo
  • Managing Producer for on-air design at MTV
  • Director, Senior Analyst, Analyst for digital ad sales operations at MTV Networks
  • Music programming manager for VH1, online and TV
  • Marketing and Communications manager at VH1
  • Director of online ad campaign operations at MTV Networks
  • Producer and Senior Producer of product development at (online apps, wireframes, user interface, content integration)
  • Senior Web Developer for analytics and ad applications at MTV Networks’ Kids and Family Group (, etc.)
  • Software Developer supporting affiliate sales applications
  • Junior Programmer dealing heavily with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance reporting and tracking
  • Producer for International Digital Media group (make Web sites, graphics, ringtones)
  • Web designer, Nickelodeon
  • Desktop support, Technical Specialist
  • Ad ops manager at CSTV
  • Project manager at CSTV
  • Senior systems administrator at CBS
  • Project Manager and “Super Blogger” at
  • Vice President, mobile advertising at CBS Mobile
  • Oracle DB admin at CBS Interactive

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