Alley 2.0 Celeb Charlie O’Donnell Launching Start-Up


No details yet, but press corps assembling outside Charlie’s Bay Ridge apartment, awaiting tidbits.  From Charlie’s Twitter feed (available in our Twitter Room!):

  • @andrewparker There have been a few “people you might know” recs where I couldnt figure out at all how they hell it knew! 14 minutes ago
  • um… I guess I should go to bed or something…  but I’m too excited about 6 hours ago
  • My startup’s first step:  Sending out the presentation to a friends and family list and forgetting to add the attachment.  :/ about 6 hours ago
  • btw… do we now need to hear it every damn time Bonds hits a home run until he retires? about 6 hours ago
  • Who’s still awake that wants to be among the first to see the overview of what I’m up to… d me about 6 hours ago

Could it be that the “@andrewparker” note signifies a forthcoming seed investment by Charlie’s old employer, Union Square Ventures?  (Andrew Parker’s there, too).