ALLEN WEST: The Obama Administration's Immigration Order Is A Voter Fraud Ploy

The Tea Party is collectively freaking out after the Obama administration’s announcement this morning that it would stop deporting and grant work permits to some young illegal immigrants. And Republican Rep. Allen West of Florida is leading the charge.

On Fox’s “American Newsroom” this morning, West questioned if the administration was engaging in some sort of massive voter fraud conspiracy. Watch, starting around the three-minute mark:


“I think there’s devils in the details,” West said. “That’s why we should allow this legislative process to go through our committees. Because I can start to ask questions about what is going to happen as far as their right to vote. 

“Is this one of those backdoor opportunities to allow people in the next five months to get the opportunity to vote? Will we see Janet Napolitano and the president come out with a new edict that says, ‘Since we allow this people to be here legally, we’re now going to allow them to have the opportunity to vote. So, how far down the rabbit hole does this go? That’s the greatest concern — that we have something where we really don’t know how the details will flesh out. We just have this basic executive order.”


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