Rep. Allen West Fired An Intern For Tweeting In Support Of Tracy Morgan's Son

allen west

Rep. Allen West’s staff were none too pleased when they realised an intern had retweeted a reaction to Tracy Morgan’s homophobic rant from the office’s account.

The tweet in question was written by the band Scissor Sisters and (jokingly, we assume, since there’s no evidence that Tracy Morgan‘s son is actually gay) said:

“Dear Tracy Morgan’s son: if you are gay, you can TOTALLY come live with me. We’ll read James Baldwin & watch Paris is Burning. xxANA.”

West’s official Twitter account later issued an apology. The intern was fired.

Which might be a bit of an overreaction, considering the very real possibility that the intern might have thought he was logged into his own Twitter account.

It’s not like he drew up an original missive and hijacked West’s political identity.

(That identity, by the way, includes staunch opposition to gay marriage. We’re just saying.)

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