Allen Stanford Forced To Take Public Defender

allen stanford ponzi perp walk jumpsuit

There’s an old saying among lawyers. “In the mind of a jury member, there’s only one word to describe people represented by public defenders: guility.”

So Allen Stanford can’t be too happy with the outcome of yesterday’s hearing in which he was assigned a public defender.

NYP: At a hearing yesterday in Houston federal court, a judge pressed Stanford about whether he has any money to pay a lawyer, and Stanford responded that he didn’t know.

“I’ll take that as a no,” said US District Court Judge David Hittner, who then handed the case over to Marjorie Meyers, head of the federal public defender’s office in Houston.

Stanford initially had an all-star defence team. But he lost big-shot attorneys Dick DeGuerin and Robert Luskin of Patton Boggs successively because his funds — which he alleged gained through a $7 billion Ponzi scheme — are frozen by investigators.

Getting a public defender may not be so bad after all. Stanford’s CFO, Jim Davis, has private help, but it’s apparently pretty bad and Davis is doing manual labour for $10 an hour to pay for it.

There does seem to be something unfair about a system where prosecutors can freeze the funds of an accused man to the extent that he can’t pay for his own lawyers.

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