Allen Iverson's Famous 'Practice' Rant Happened Because Of A Drunken Conversation With Gary Payton

A report by
Tzvi Twersky of SlamOnline.comsays Allen Iverson will formally announce his retirement from basketball in the next few days
. This led to a discussion on “Fox Sports Live” in which Gary Payton explained the origin of Allen Iverson’s famous “practice?!” rant.

According to Payton, the rant, in which Iverson defends his woeful attendance record at practice and uses the word “practice” 16 times in 90 seconds, actually started as a drunken conversation between the two over how to stay in shape:

“We were out [during the summer], and we were all out having a good time. And we had a little bit too many. You know, we had a little bit too many. And he asked me, ‘how do you keep your body in so good of a shape, and don’t get hurt, and always stay on the court?’ And I just told him for real, my coach, George Karl, didn’t let me practice. So that was it. I said, ‘You have to stop practicing.’ ”

Payton does go on to explain that Iverson’s rant was not exactly what he had in mind. Payton also added that later, 76ers coach Larry Brown approached Payton and blamed him for the storm Iverson created.

Here’s the video…

And here is the original Iverson "practice?!" rant...
[video provider="youtube" id="d29VsG35DQM" size="xlarge" align="center"]

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