The Bank Is Selling Allen Iverson's Foreclosed Home In Atlanta For $2 Million

allen iverson house

Photo: Jeff Fusco/Getty Images/

Allen Iverson is broke despite making more than $150 million during his career. Because of his financial issues, the bank has foreclosed on two of his homes.Most recently, Iverson’s home in Atlanta was foreclosed on and now the bank is selling it for $2 million, according to

Iverson’s home in Atlanta has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a pool, and a beautiful outdoor porch area.

In March 2011, Iverson lost his home in Colorado to foreclosure.

Here's the outside of the house

The backyard has a beautiful pool and jacuzzi

There's an outdoor fireplace

Plenty of back porch space

There's even a swing set

Let's go inside

Huge living room

Master bathroom

A nice game room

The regal library

The kitchen looks into a dining area

Here's another dining room

Detailing in the ceilings

And, an indoor fireplace.

A-Rod and Jeter are looking for a house...

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