Allen Iverson is entering the Basketball Hall of Fame in the most fitting way possible

Years after retiring, Allen Iverson still doesn’t like practice.

As part of the next class of Basketball Hall of Fame inductees this Friday, Allen Iverson was supposed to join the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Yao Ming, Sheryl Swoopes, and others, for a press conference Thursday.

He almost didn’t make it.

According to Jay King of Mass Live, while other inductees received their Hall of Fame jackets on Thursday, the organisers of the event announced that Iverson would not be in attendance.

It turns out he was just running late.’s Scott Howard-Cooper reported that Iverson was having “travel issues.” Sporting News’ Sean Deveney said Iverson apparently missed his flight. 

When he got there, Iverson still had time to talk to the press and receive his jacket:

Though it’s not quite the same as missing the press conference entirely, it’s fitting for a player who notoriously hated the run-through.

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