Trader And Friend Debate Whether Or Not To Run Money Through The Washing Machine To Get Rid Of Fingerprints

washing machine

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This is a hilarious conversation that took place between trader Garrett Bauer and the middleman who allegedly helped him insider trade.Bauer and an M&A lawyer, Matt Kluger, were charged with insider trading today.

During a phone conversation about how to cover up their actions, the middleman suggests actually washing the money.

Bauer is sceptical, but ultimately, they go for it.

Bauer: “We have to get all the fingerprints off that money.”

Middleman: “Yeah.”

Bauer: “Like you wearing gloves or something and wiping every bill down or something. But it has to be done. Or as, like, you giving it to me and me wiping every bill down.”  

Middleman: “You know something. Somebody did say, ‘why don’t you just run it through a dish-, a dish-washing machine?”

Bauer: “Well, I don’t know. I mean, I’ve seen that in the movies but I don’t know — who said that? Someone said that to you?”  

Middleman: “Yeah [laughing, my cousin did. He goes, ‘run it through a washing mashing.’ And I’m like, “you can do that?’ and he goes, ‘yeah.’ And I go ‘alright.'”

Ultimately, he decides to go for it.

Middleman: “Well I’m thinking that the best case would be just to run it through a washing machine. Umm, although I would like to be the ones that does it. I don’t want to bring it back to my house anytime soon… Bring it to somebody else’s house and wash it there… And you know something, it’s being paranoid. But you yknow, it’s better to be paranoid than to take risks.”