Alleged Insider Trader Michael Kimelman Is A Former Sullivan & Cromwell Associate

michael kimelman

We’re trying to scrounge up more background on the new folks busted for insider trading.

Here’s the LinkedIn profile of Michael Kimelman, a trader and founding partner of Incremental Capital.

He was one of 14 to be charged this morning, and we see that in addition to being a CFA, he was also an associate at Sullivan & Cromwell.

Here’s his bio from

Michael Kimelman is a founder and partner at Incremental Capital, LLC, a newly formed proprietary trading and hedge fund management firm in New York City. Mr. Kimelman has been involved in trading and money management since 1997. He was previously the number one trader at several firms, including recently as a partner at Remsenberg Capital. Prior to becoming a full-time trader, Mr. Kimelman worked as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer for Sullivan & Cromwell. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and graduate of the University of Southern California Law School.

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