Alleged Drug Dealer Said He Had Photos Of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Doing 'Heroin'

New court documents released Wednesday link Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who infamously
admitted to smoking cracklast month, to another hard drug — heroin, CTV news

The court documents detail wiretaps carried out by police as part of a year-long investigation called Project Traveller.

Abdullahi Harun, a 22-year-old alleged cocaine trafficker who police believe was trying to sell the Ford crack video, was reportedly heard in wiretaps saying that he has photos of Ford doing “hezza,” reportedly a street name for heroin.

From the court documents:

HARUN said that he had Rob FORD smoking on the “dugga.” He said he has so much pictures of Rob FORD doing the hezza. SIYA told him to take a picture of that because of what it would be worth.

Canadian news outlets are speculating that “hezza” refers to heroin.

Another man, alleged gangster Liban Siyad, talked about seeing Ford “smoking his rocks” at an alleged crack house, according to the documents. He reportedly got a call in April from a person who told him to go to the crack house because “Rob Ford wants some drugs.”

The documents also allege that Ford tried to buy the video before news broke of its existence. He reportedly offered $US5,000 and a car for the crack tape, but police believe the dealer wanted $US150,000 for it.

The court documents are embedded below:

Rob Ford court documents by maurice_cacho

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