The company that makes 'the world's most comfortable shoes' just made a version for kids

SmallbirdsAllbirdsSmallbirds are the same Allbirds shoes, just made for kids ages 2-4.
  • Allbirds is a brand that makes wool-blend shoes.
  • It just released a kids’ shoe that costs $US55 a pair.
  • The shoes are made from a merino wool fabric blend and are renowned for their comfort and sustainability.

Allbirds is starting to think small.

The startup, now famous for its comfy wool shoes that eschew logos, has released a new line of kids’ shoes. They’re appropriately called Smallbirds.

SmallbirdsAllbirdsSmallbirds shoes come in three colours.

The shoes come in NZ Blue, Kea Red, and Natural Grey, and they retail for $US55. Only the Wool Runner version is available in the kids’ sizes, which are designed for children ages 2-4.

“Given merino wool’s intrinsic qualities, it made complete sense to move in that direction,” cofounder Tim Brown said in a press release. “Plus, the naming options were just too good.”

The shoes have the added benefit of being machine-washable, just like regular Allbirds, and they have a stretchy feel for growing feet.

A children’s book written by Allbirds cofounder Joey Zwillinger comes with any purchase of a pair of Smallbirds for a limited time. The book, called “Sadie Shaves the Day,” is also available for $US15 separately.

The shoes are available online and in the brand’s San Francisco and New York City stores.

SmallbirdsAllbirdsSmallbirds are machine-washable, so there’s no worry of kids getting their shoes ruined.

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