The 10 Most Downloaded Free iPad Apps Of All Time

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Apple recently released a list of the top 10 free iPad apps downloaded from the App Store.Just because you spent serious cash on an iPad doesn’t mean you need to spend even more to take advantage of various games and utilities for it.

Have a look and see if anything suits your needs.

Solitaire, a classic

Solitaire is the definitive one-player card game. Play it anywhere you go.

The Bible - nothing more, nothing less

The Bible app is exactly what you'd expect it to be. Choose different translations, search words and phrases, or just read from it.

iBooks for the bookworm

iBooks is Apple's exclusive online bookstore and eBook reader. Start reading differently.

Remote for expanded media control

Use Remote to control your iTunes library over wifi. Adjust volume and change songs effortlessly.

Fandango makes it easy to go to the movies

With Fandango, you can read reviews and buy movie tickets before you ever get to the theatre. Stop waiting in line!

Yelp finds the best of what's around you

Yelp finds establishments near you and provides you with user reviews. Make an informed decision for your next impromptu dinner date.

Go exploring with Google Earth

Use Google Earth to help you arrive at your destination, or simply browse interesting satellite photos of the entire surface of the world.

Movies by Flixster changes the way you decide which movies to see

Movies by Flixster sets you up with trailers, showtimes, and critic reviews of new movies. Know what you're getting yourself into the next time you head to the theatre.

The Google Mobile App fits all of Google's resources into you iPad

Search Google by voice, check your email, access your calendar, and more with the Google Mobile app from everyone's favourite search engine.

Pandora will become your favourite radio station

Pandora builds a radio station customised to your liking and streams it to you for free.

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