All The Yahoos Who Spent $100 Million On Associated Content 11 Months Ago Have Quit

Yahoo's Luke Beatty

How bad is the culture at Yahoo these days?

Consider this:  Yahoo bought content farm Associated Content for $100 million one year ago next month. In the eleven months since, every single one of the Yahoo executives who championed that deal has quit the company.

M&A guy Greg Mrva left before the deal was made.

EVP Hilary Schneider got the boot.

Yahoo media boss Jimmy Pitaro left for Disney.

The M&A chief who closed the deal, Andrew Siegel, is now at Condé.

Yahoo Local boss Matt Idema – who, you may recall, did “did 95% of all the heavy-lifting” to get the deal done – just quit for a job at Facebook.

Associated Content CEO Patrick Keane never went to Yahoo at all.

In fact, the only guy left at Yahoo is Associated Content founder Luke Beatty. Based in Denver, he’s now in charge of Yahoo Local, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers, and, weirdly, Flickr. Meanwhile, we understand that Google’s recent algorithm changes dealt a serious blow to Assocated Content’s traffic.

Who wants to bet Luke doesn’t stay a month longer than he has to for his retention bonus?

This story reads differently than it did a year ago:  The Inside Story: How Yahoo Bought Associated Content

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