This fascinating graphic shows the world's human-carrying spacecraft to scale

The awe-inspiring history of human spaceflight is filled with a myriad of awesome and often gigantic vehicles.

“Human spaceflight is what truly inspires people to believe that we as a species are capable of greatness,” says designer David Heaney, and so he created this fascinating graphic to promote interest in human space exploration.

” Putting a human face on the exploration of the cosmos has undoubtedly inspired a whole generation of scientists to get involved in the space industry. You can send rovers to Mars or probes to the edge of the solar system, but it pales in comparison to seeing a human foot touch the surface of Earth’s own moon.”

Among the many interesting comparisons to be made is just how tiny the Mercury capsule is in relation to more modern spacecraft. Also, since this graphic only includes vehicles which have transported humans into space, you may notice that Space X rockets are not included — though the Falcon 9.1 would sit between the Saturn 1B and Saturn V.

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