All The Ways Facebook Has Ripped Off Twitter

Facebook Instagram Video Announcement

Facebook is becoming notorious for copying features from popular apps and services.

The social networking giant ripped off Foursquare with its launch of Facebook Places, copied self-destructing photo and video app Snapchat with Facebook Poke, and just recently copied Twitter’s Vine by integrating video into Instagram.

Facebook, just a couple of years older than Twitter, seems to get a lot of inspiration from its younger social networking competitor. 

Google+ designer Chris Messina is known for writing the first hashtag on Twitter in August 2007.

Just this month, Facebook launched hashtags in the hopes of fueling public conversations.

Twitter launched verified accounts back in 2009.

Four years later, Facebook launched verified profiles and pages.

Twitter launched its now-popular video app Vine in January of this year.

This week, Facebook announced a Vine-like video feature for Instagram.

Twitter has served as a real-time source of information since its inception in 2006.

Facebook launched a real-time ticker in 2011. But they eventually killed it in a later redesign.

Twitter has also implemented followers since day one.

Facebook has made a lot of changes to its platform over the years.

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