All The Pictures Of Gabi Grecko's Bizarre Brownlow Medal Entrance You Need

Picture: Getty Images

The 2014 AFL Brownlow Medal Count is just about to start, but the big winner is already Gabi Grecko.

Geoffrey Edelsten’s model fiancee had big shoes to fill, as Geoffrey’s former flame Brynne owned the red carpet for several years with daring outfits.

Grecko told waiting reporters that she designed her own dress and said she knew the Brownlow “was about football”. Twitter still doesn’t know what to think.

Picture: Getty Images

Is it vampy? She calls herself @gabigreckovamp on Twitter…

Picture: Getty Images

Edelsten looked proud as punch. Certainly not like a man in danger of losing his girl anytime soon.

Picture: Getty Images

Maybe some kind of Lady Gaga homage?

Picture: Getty Images

Anyway. She might not win the Red Carpet award, but Grecko certainly knows how to play the game.

On with the show.

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